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About the site

This website started as a place to share my notes about A Level mathematics (UK version), that I made for students that I have tutored. I decided to add advice on how to study, revise and take exams that I gave informally to students. Hopefully, I will continue to add as many notes and varied examples for all the 18 or so modules in A level maths, as well as past papers and other stuff on learning and university maths and general maths.  

Please feel free to use these notes, share them, print them, whatever they are free. I know these notes are not typed, but I prefer doing maths by hand with a pen on paper. 

What this site is not

These notes cannot be used as the only study material to learn A Level Mathematics, they are only meant as an aid to help clarify any problems, to help with understanding some ideas and methods, to see how some problems are solved. To learn mathematics, you need to do questions and learn from your mistakes (these notes will help with correcting these mistakes). 

Just reading the notes alone will not make you good at the subject or learn the content. 

How to use these notes

After studying these topics in class, you should attempt the questions. Only when you cannot do the questions, or do not understand what is going on you should consult these notes. You could use these as prior reading before starting the topic, or look at the examples and attempt them without looking at the worked solutions. 

These notes are very dense, and with a wide range of examples from each topic. So take your time, and dont try and read the notes like a book, read a bit at a time and try and understand what is going. 

About me

I am secondary maths teacher and private tutor, who has a degree in mathematics. I am from London, England. Enjoy maths, football and a good book. 

Contact me

I would love to hear from you, if you have any questions or any topics, or I might have made an error please do tell. 

Send a comment below, and I will get back to you when I get the chance.